America Under Siege: 3 Nuclear Disasters in the Making, Blame Mother Nature?

       Over the past few hours, some very serious nuclear problems appear to be developing with potential for a disasterous outcome in the U.S. and for the global economy. The United States is under siege with 3 Nuclear reactors threatening to go the way of Fukushima if not controlled in a lightening quick fashion. Stretched across 3 wars, the U.S. military is being divided and could be conquered by natural disasters and horrible planning… Are these disasters man made and possibly caused by enemies of the United States?  While this seems crazy, the danger of engaging in world wide war is that retaliation is possible. For a decade now, many citizens have become aware of HAARP, which is a type of weapons technology that involves distorting weather patterns utilizing technological advancements that make causing thunderstorms, tornados, earthquakes, etc… possible with pinpoint accuracy.

       Nuclear reactor issues were reported at Fort Calhoun NE which was reportedly taking on floodwater and is now on backup generators, Los Alamos which could be compromised due to potentially the largest wildfire in the history of the state (the forest is more overgrown than at any time in decades and high temps and draught make the situation DIRE), and the Missouri Nuke plant which is also flooding – all of these disasters are hitting the most sensitive areas of our energy and inelligence infrastructure at the same time.

       While I am very skeptical of so called conspiracy theories, weather altering technology has been in use for years and it is widely known that these technologies have been developed by some of our enemies including China and Russia. Could it be that the Chinese and Russians are on the attack and that the cause of the Los Alamos fire is actually arson? It seems far fetched but the main issue here is the terrible prevention efforts that were made over the past five years by the forest service. Instead of clearing and managing the forests, environmental groups protested the clearing of dead trees by firewood dealers and also of thinning badly overgrown forests in the region. As I was a forester in my previous career in the Northern New Mexico hills and own a ranch just 6 miles East of Los Alamos, this issue hits home (literally) for me.

       The main issue with the Los Alamos fire was a lack of preparedness — members of the forestry service knew that a draught would cause problems because much of the forests in the area have been neglected and badly in need of massive thinning. Special interest groups have protested the thinning of trees in the area even though the thick forests surrounding Santa Fe were not natural topography for the region — in other words, the trees are beautiful but they do not belong where they were growing in that level of density.

       The worry now is obviously that Nuclear Waste will be ignited in the fire causing Radioactive fallout across the nation and in Santa Fe in particular. I have urged my parents to evacuate the region as they are in Santa Fe at the moment because in my gut I can’t see how 3 nuclear disasters could be taking place in the U.S. by mere coincidence. Stranger things have happened — I lived through the last cold war…

       I also feel that a media blackout is in place over all three of these disasters so I will be increasing my coverage of these events. As of right now, we know that Fort Calhoun’s Nuclear Plant is running on back up generators (think Fukushima here) and that the plant is flooding as we speak. Additionally, we know that the Los Alamos fire is within feet not miles of the Labs. God bless the firefighters risking their lives to save our nation!

Will update ASAP

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