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Market Update: Stocks Lower

Pomo is the tail wagging the dog these days so remember that next Monday is “just” a 1.5 Billion Dollar day and that usually these smaller POMO days end with losses or flat markets. It’s very hard to make a valuation argument for many of the more speculative issues trading today that most everyone loves, and while cloud computing is huge, it is likely not enough to create another leg up in the current tech bubble in my opinion. Additionally, several more famous market timing models have turned negative so now may be a good time to either get short 1/1 against your longs or at least to play defense versus playing offense.

Real Estate: I do think that Real Estate could eventually catch a meaningfull bid and also that Gold and Silver are decent investments for the longer term right now as well as agricultural land…

All in all, a mixed bag with equities being priced for high inflation (ie as an inflation hedge) and commodities under fire from a margin hike and regulatory/political perspective.

Consider investing in Blue Chip companies before small cap value stocks: Here are 10 of the best Blue Chippers to own: