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Back Over the 200 Day Massive Manipulative Coordinated Market Pumping Poem

For the fat cat
the mad hatter
tangled and twisted metal
smoke stacks wood stoves and smoking jackets
for the lunatic the professor the needle-nosed pricks
running their rackets
for eskimo people
for abelone shells
for swindlers gazing at you and past you
the way that imperfect glare
feels in my stomache
when someone takes in too much air
or the rub of the nose whenever money is involved
it can mean only oppression

Or for the man next to me making signs about the Arizona Immigration bill
for the man in the woods who
took way too much acid
his eyes itched and he
asked his lucid mulatto girlfriend with a cute wavy Afro
for some Visine after dropping Blue Moon into both of his eyes
two drops in each I was told

for the guy trading stocks who was sold 10 year old socks instead
for the uncle who lost his leg
for the other one whose money I lost

I post this crap for free and I’m a heterosexual poet who trades stocks for fun
it’s all true
but what’s even worse
than this tired shitty little poem
is what might happen in a few short weeks
Consider this verse which is mainly for the meek
the powers that be are satanic indeed
and they want to throw us from a cliff

So unless the riggers can continue to rig
entertain yourself by reading or dance a jig
until then watch the 200 day moving average, the 65 day moving average and the 50 day

Beneath the friendly headlines, the Wall Street beast wants to rob the shit out of you

Everyone’s Bullish

My neignbor, his mom

my trainer

he’s long and my friend

at the cafe

has 100% winning stock picks to give you

and the latest app of the day

I search for gold along the appian way

lost in fields bronze and long are the days

when fortune is blind and replacing your time

the clock on the tower ticking away all of your power

But not if your long because Bernanke has come

to save the weak via a trickle down from the strong

the internet craze has reached its critical phase

the creshendo maze of the internet age

That critical mass more faithfully believed in than Catholic Mass

when speech is mostly still free

and those wannabee’s can still dream and hit the top with their scheme

without an actual business to speak of…

A gambling addiction

a red and green haze

the tape is your stopwatch

the Fed is your friend

the longer you hold

the more money from Ben

But if there is a major scam brewing

best to hedge now before it’s too late

to avoid the screwing

that happens when all shams end

before the bald spot and the melinoma

they have to drive Rolls Royce or face that

nightmarish coma

that is summer living on 20K in a $500 per month apartment in Arizona

When I look back those were my best days regardless

which is why the ponzi fraudsters shouldn’t be so heartless

So watch the 50 day and watch Uncle Ben

Because if this Humpty Dumpty bubble

falls down this time

There may not be enough snake oil found

to put these scams back together again

Stock Poem

In the 3rd year cycle
But stocks are overvalued
POMO’s still roaring
Stay diversified and boring
Don’t trust everyone’s books
Just because it’s cheap
They may well be crooks
What they sow they will reap
Don’t bet on the Kindle
Ammy’s PE is too high
Don’t bet on the Nook
Barnes and Noble might die
the market is rigged
and Bernanke’s your god
If they get busted for stealing
SEC gives both a wink and a nod
Make sure to be hedged
The ponzi’s near dead
Because of Fukushima
You may want to wear lead
You likely want justice cause they stole all your loot
They will just blame the bad market
And unzip their gold parachute