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Today’s Dollar Drop Puts a Bid Under Stocks

But what does it mean for Americans? It means that our standard of living dropped by 1% today as inflation is now the greatest hidden tax on our citizens. When our government (or the bankers who actually control it) acts irresponsibly, the dollar drops because the FED has to print money to fund the deficits. The bottom line is that stocks are a crappy investment but they are better than cash. For my dollar, I would look at Canadian Dollars, Timberland, Singapore Dollars, Chinese Remnimbe, Gold, Silver, the RJI, etc…

It seems that the US greenback is slowly becoming about as worthless at this point as the paper it’s printed on, but forested land is a good hedge because the demand for paper is insatiable thanks to Just for Men Ben Bernanke and his sweaty print finger. It’s time to hedge your currency risks, but try not to buy stocks and instead buy stuff (IE hard assets).