And There Goes LNKD…

Your welcome to all those who shorted LNKD in the $110′s and the $90′s… I didn’t hold my position and I walked yesterday up a measly $1000 bucks on a 1000 shares short trade… should be up more like $9,000 but the markets are so manipulated here it feels better to take the money off the table sometimes and pick your spots…. I think NFLX, CRM, AMZN are next to blow up but they have Cramer, and LNKD didn’t…. Sheeple are a dime a dozen!

Stay tuned to Hedgephone for more actionable ideas like shorting LNKD (in hindsight it was a no brainer, but it’s a tough one to short and hold given the 40% interest on the borrow…)

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